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  EMI/ESD Trouble-shooting and Prevention.

  If you have identified EMI and Static Electricity/ESD as the source of your production problems and customer complaints, please contact us. We will endeavor to give you real explanations and basic solutions.

1. Local Testing (Isolate problems at the hardware and software level, at the building structure and inner-outer level including environmental, natural causes or other causes. Radiation/absorption points, breakdown areas, and other problem identification are included).
2. Measurement engineering support: selection of the most appropriate measurement instruments and techniques. Rental equipment, measurement time adjustments, adjustments of location (use of measurement equipment/orientation for analysis included), instrument installation and adjustment (includes all related adjustment and set up necessary).
3. Root cause identification, analysis of measurement data, point of origin, radiation/absorption points, identification of problem areas in equipment, related materials, literature review and investigation.
4. Local (environmental) protection/product prevention, product use, laws and regulatory systems, various standards research.
5. Manufacturing side (OEM, foreign manufacturers) preventive research, instructions.
6. Test procedure/Test report writing.

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