Impulse Physics Laboratory, Inc.

  Engineering Support
  If you are experiencing problems with static electricity, ESD, EMI, impulse noise or EMC, please come to us for discussion and engineering support. We are NARTE Qualified Engineers.

Examples of our technical support are listed below
1. Applied Engineering (FS)/ Future Trends Research
2. Root Cause/Basic Engineering/Theoretical Research
3. General product development (inspection, verification, measurement, experimental techniques included)
4. Engineering problem sampling, problem analysis, investigation-analysis-examination techniques
5. Overseas (North American and European) product development and FS
6. Support for overseas society papers and presentations
7. Japanese and overseas sales engineering support (end user and OEM engineering explanation guidance)
8. Inspection and support for overseas engineering (technical coordinator)
9. Technical investigations, experiments and report writing
10. Work in special investigations and experiments.

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