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  At your request we can provide training, education, and seminars at your factory anywhere in the world. We help increase the skills of your project managers and sales groups involved in the areas of ESD, EMI and EMC. We perform custom training to fit your needs. At your request, we can also set up special themed short courses at our laboratory near Shin-Yokohama. We will set up course materials designed for recent problem-solving that are focused toward the engineering managers. We provide entry level classes or full courses on any of the following: GMR head destruction testing, equipment motion testing, EMC measurement, RF measurement, impulse measurement/electro-magnetic testing, electro-magnetic absorption and shielding materials. Our classes focus on hands-on training and we attempt to get full understanding in the shortest amount of time. Here are some examples of classes we have done:

1. Static Electricity/ESD Prevention (Basics of Static Electricity, Methods of Measurement, Prevention of ESD Damage to GMR heads, hands on experiments and training included.)
2. EMI/EMC Prevention (Basics of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Techniques of Immunity Design, Absorption and Shielding Materials)
3. Electro-magnetic Environments/EMI Measurement Engineering (EMC related Laws, Conduction/Electro-magnetic Radiation Testing included)
4. Basics of Electro-magnetic Impulse (Impulse Physics, Impulse Electro-magnetic measurement)
5. Measurement techniques of ultra wide band and ultra short RF pulses.

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